I am a psychoanalyst and psychotherapist with more than 40 years experience practicing in Dallas Texas, New York City, and Portland Oregon. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy offers an opportunity for a deep understanding of how you accomplish your goals and how you may be defeating yourself in achieving those goals.

I have taught analysts in training at the Oregon Psychoanalytic Institute and Dallas Psychoanalytic Center and supervised mental health care professionals. I’m also a published clinical writer. In addition, I have written for and served on the editorial board as Senior Correspondent of The American Psychoanalyst, a newsletter/magazine of The American Psychoanalytic Association.

I graduated from Columbia University School of Social Work in 1974, The Dallas Psychoanalytic Institute in 2003 and was certified by The American Psychoanalytic Association in 2006. I am licensed in three states by Texas, New York and Oklahoma State Boards of Clinical Social Workers.

I can work with you in a therapeutic situation to better understand yourself and why you do the things you do. Understanding leads to more confidence, greater accomplishment and more passion and enjoyment in life. I work with adults individually as well as with couples and families.