Psychoanalysis and Psychotherapy Consultation

Please call me at my office at 214-468-4339 to set up an initial consultation. If I am unable to answer when you call, leave a confidential message on my voice mail. I check these messages on a regular basis.


Psychotherapy requires privacy and confidentiality. I prefer to work with you on a sliding scale with minimum and maximum limits. However, if my minimum fee is too high, I'm willing to apply as a preferred provider for certain insurance companies, depending on the type of information they require. I hope you will feel comfortable to discuss this with me.

Blue Cross Blue Shield

I am currently a preferred provider for Blue Cross Blue Sheild of Texas and Oklahoma.


My fee is $140.00 but I will consider a fee that is no lower than $100.00. I believe it's a mistake to pay either more or less than you can afford.


I am licensed in Texas and in Oklahoma. Oklahoma residents are welcome.